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Website Optimization Secrets Book News - US Broadband Penetration Breaks 90% - Ann Arbor News Interviews Andy King - Optimization Week of August 7, 2008

Optimization Week Issue #98, August 7, 2008

Since the launch of our new book last month, it's been a busy few weeks. The reviews are starting to come in, and we've started a new blog to keep track of the latest book news. Broadband penetration in the US finally broke 90%, among active Internet users, and my hometown paper the Ann Arbor News interviewed author Andrew B. King about the new book.

Website Optimization Secrets Book News Blog
We've launched a blog for our new book. In it you'll find the latest news, reviews, interviews, and releases about the book. If you've got a review of the new book, contact us so we can add it to the blog. Roy Johnson of Mantex UK wrote "This latest magnum opus goes way beyond that [Speed] in scope and depth. It's a guide to maximizing every aspect of a website and its performance. It's an amazingly practical manual." We've also created a banner ad for the book. Help spread the word about website optimization.
US Broadband Penetration Breaks 90% among Active Internet Users - July 2008 Bandwidth Report
For the first time, US broadband penetration broke ninety percent among active Internet users in June 2008.
Making a good first impression really counts on Web sites
The Ann Arbor News interviewed author Andy King for their July 20, 2008 issue. By Tina Reed.