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AOL Pagetest Web Performance Tool Released as Open Source - iTunes Passes RealPlayer - Optimization Week of January 22, 2008

Optimization Week Issue #92, January 22, 2008

In this issue we've got two new items for you. First up AOL has released a new web performance measuring tool called Pagetest. Developed internally at AOL, Pagetest is now a free open source program that developers can use to profile the performance of web pages, all from the comfort of their own browser (currently IE). Next, in this month's Bandwidth Report, we report on streaming media players. Apple's iTunes player has passed RealPlayer to become the second-most popular streaming media player on the Internet.

AOL Pagetest Web Performance Tool Released as Open Source
AOL has released an open source web performance tool called Pagetest. Pagetest is an Internet Explorer plug-in that measures and analyzes the performance of web pages. It features waterfall timing graphs, optimization checklists based on AOL's own internal standards, optimization reports, and IE integration. Pagetest offers more granular details of each HTTP request within their waterfall graphs than IBM Page Detailer or Firebug. Each HTTP request is broken down into get IP, open socket, time to first byte, and content download all color coded on each waterfall chart. See below for an example waterfall chart of CNET's news.com.

aol pagetest waterfall of news.com

iTunes Player Hits a High Note, Passes RealPlayer
Apple's iTunes player passed RealPlayer in 2007 to become the second most popular streaming media player on the Internet. Growing at an annual rate of 26.8% iTunes hit a high note while the rest of the band was flat.