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US Falls to 25th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide - Update: Pro Ball Head Review - Optimization Week of April 24, 2007

Optimization Week Issue #79, April 24, 2007

In this issue we've got two new items for you. First in this month's Bandwidth Report the growth in US broadband has slowed recently according to two new surveys. The US has fallen from 23rd to 25th place among all countries surveyed in household broadband penetration according to Point Topic. US broadband growth has slowed as well, with the net increase in broadband dropping below the OECD average for the first time. In our other article, we review the latest professional-level ball heads for sharper photographs and videos.

US Falls to 25th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide
The US fell from 23rd to 25th place in worldwide broadband penetration in the last half of 2006, according to a recent survey by Point Topic. An OECD study confirms the slowdown, with US broadband growth falling below the OECD average. Meanwhile, US broadband penetration grew 0.65 percentage points to 80.81% among active Internet users in March 2007.
Update: Pro Ball Head Review
A solid ball head dampens sharpness-robbing vibration for sharper and smaller images and videos for the Web. Updated with the newest models, we compare some pro-level ball heads and offer some tips for sharper photographs.