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Book Preview: Information Foraging Theory = Natural Selection Meets the Web - Broadband Black Holes Persist - Optimization Week of February 5, 2007

Optimization Week Issue #75, February 5, 2007

For this issue we have a special treat for you. Peter Pirolli of Xerox PARC has written a groundbreaking new book titled "Information Foraging Theory: Adaptive Interaction with Information." We were fortunate enough to get a proof of the book to review, due out April 2007. We interview the author, summarize the book, and give some tips on increasing your site's information scent. In broadband news, despite President Bush's promise of universal broadband by 2007, broadband black holes persist in some rural areas.

Congratulations also go out to Lou Rosenfeld and Rich Wiggins for their upcoming book on "Search Analytics" from Lou's new publishing house, Rosenfeld Media. Search analytics let you to find what "trigger words" people use when searching for information on your site, and close the loop between search behavior and your website's content.

Book Preview: Information Foraging Theory = Natural Selection Meets the Web
We interview today's digital Darwin Peter Pirolli, summarizing his revolutionary new book Information Foraging Theory. Hungry minds are foraging for valuable information on the Web. Learn how to boost your website's information scent or risk becoming a missing link.
Broadband Black Holes Persist - UK Broadband Cheaper than Dial-up - US Broadband Penetration Climbs to 78.5% Among Active Internet Users
Despite President Bush's promise of universal access to broadband by 2007 there are still areas within the US that have little or no coverage. In the UK, broadband has become cheaper than dial-up access. Meanwhile in the US broadband grew to 78.5% in December among active Internet users.
Search Analytics for your Site
Analyzing your data logs is a great way to close the loop to find what your users are searching for. Congratulations to two men from Michigan, Louis Rosenfeld and Richard Wiggins on their upcoming book "Search Analytics" from Lou's new publishing house. Due out in spring 2007.