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HTTP Compression Redux - Group Selectors and Declarations in CSS

Optimization Week Issue #6, Dec. 10, 2003

By popular demand we revisit HTTP compression to bring you expanded coverage of this effective, yet little-known technique. We've got quotes from industry experts and more examples including two compression tests on real-world web sites. Our speed tweak of the week combines grouping of selectors with grouping of declarations in CSS to create powerful yet compact style sheets.

If you've got an idea for a speed review or tip we want to hear from you. If you've found a site that you find particularly fast or slow let us know about it and it just might appear in a future issue.

HTTP Compression Revisited
We update our HTTP compression article with more real-world tests, average compression ratios and mean HTML page sizes, and quotes from industry experts. HTTP compression compresses your textual content to speed downloads and save bandwidth.
Group Selectors and Declarations
By grouping CSS selectors that share the same declaration and declarations that share the same selector you can apply multiple declarations to multiple selectors to optimize your style sheets.