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Belgium Leads European Countries in Broadband Penetration - Aruba SEO & Broadband Presentation - Aruba eMarketing Trip Recap - April 29, 2005

Optimization Week Issue #47, April 29, 2005

In this issue of Optimization Week we've got a new bandwidth report, a new presentations section, and an Aruba trip highlight reel.

Belgium Leads European Countries in Broadband Penetration - US Broadband Penetration Grows to 57% in March - April 2005 Bandwidth Report
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland lead European countries in overall broadband penetration. In the U.S., broadband penetration among active Internet users grew by 0.75 percentage points to 57% in March 2005.
Aruba SEO & Broadband Presentation
My presentation on "Tropical SEO and The Future of Broadband" is now available as a PDF. Our new presentations section will next feature a more in-depth presentation I gave April 28, 2005 on Organic Search Engine Optimization.
Aruba eMarketing Trip Recap
Had a wonderful time down in sunny Aruba. Thanks to the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Government of Aruba and all who made it possible. Met some great people, including Bob Connolly and Jason Lee who do amazing things with PDFs to make them fully interactive. The average 23 knot winds and 82 degree temps are perfect for windsurfing. Will be working for Aruba.com shortly, and I hope to go down there again soon.