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Optimize PDF Files - Czech Translation of Speed - WPA Copyright - SEM Panel - Optimization Week of February 14, 2005

Optimization Week Issue #44, February 14, 2005

In this special Valentine's Day edition of Optimization Week we've got a lovin' spoonful of news for you. First up Andy King gives a detailed how-to review of Acrobat 7 Professional's PDF Optimizer and other tools to optimize PDFs for faster downloads on the Web. Next the UPS guy delivered some strange-sounding books to our door last week, a Czech translation of Speed is now available. Next our Web Page Analyzer™ is now officially registered at the US Copyright Office. Finally, we enjoyed participating in a SEM panel at the Ann Arbor IT Zone last week, we hope to do it again in another Michigan city soon.

Optimize PDF Files
We review Acrobat 7 Pro's PDF Optimizer and Apago's PDF Enhancer 3 (beta) with tips and tools for optimizing PDF files for the Web. Learn how to shrink your PDFs for faster downloads and higher user satisfaction.
Czech Translation of Speed
We're happy to announce that a new Czech translation of Speed Up Your Site is now available.
Web Page Analyzer Copyrighted
Well it's official, the Web Page Analyzer is now registered with the United States Copyright Office.
Ann Arbor IT Zone Panel
Thanks to Linda Girard of Brightweb, LLC and Dan Klyn of Fry, Inc. for participating in the SEM Panel discussion at the IT Zone last week. The IT Zone is an Ann Arbor Michigan nonprofit designed to foster the growth of information technology businesses in south-east Michigan. Holds networking events and presentations to bring together entrepreneurs, companies, and university and community resources.