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Epicurious.com Needs Wait Loss Recipe

Optimization Week Issue #4, Nov. 26, 2003

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, this week we review a popular food-related site. Epicurious.com offers up mouth-watering recipes, food and wine etiquette, and gift ideas. But what about user etiquette? Read on to find out.

If you've got an idea for a speed review we want to hear from you. If you've found a site that you find particularly fast or slow let us know about it and it just might appear in a future issue.

Epicurious.com Needs Wait Loss Recipe
We taste test the Epicurious.com home page for speed and accessibility. Make sure that you don't burn your butterball waiting for that recipe.
JavaScript: Delay Loading
You can delay loading your JavaScripts to speed up content display. By redefining empty stub functions with scripts loaded late in your page, you can ensure that your content displays quickly.
November Bandwidth Report - US Broadband Penetration at 40.9%, Broadband Use Tracks Household Income
In wired US homes, broadband penetration jumped to 40.9% in October, up from 40% in September 2003. 59.1% of US home users connect to the Internet with narrowband connections of 56Kbps or less. Cable dominates DSL in the US, while DSL dominates cable worldwide.