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Abbreviate URLs with mod_rewrite - Web Page Analyzer 0.911

Optimization Week Issue #33, July 13, 2004

This week we continue our server-side tips with a look behind the screens at Yahoo and WebReference. Both Yahoo and WebRef use URL abbreviation and mod_rewrite to squeeze from 20% to 30% off of their HTML file size. This week's Speed Tweak shows how to abbreviate your URLs automatically. In other news, Web Page Analyzer 0.911 fixes nested CSS imports, eliminates dependence on JavaScript, and adds more robust error handling.

Abbreviate URLs with mod_rewrite
We look behind the screens at Yahoo and Webreference to see how using short abbreviated URLs and mod_rewrite can save space for maximum speed.
Web Page Analyzer 0.911
Updated to detect nested CSS imports, eliminate JavaScript dependence, and add more robust error handling.