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Web Page Analyzer 0.90 - Broadband Households vs. Users - Use an Optimization Tool

Optimization Week Issue #30, June 22, 2004

We've got three new items for you this week. First our free Web Page Analyzer has been completely rewritten in PHP and cURL for improved performance and accuracy. A complete rewrite from our old Perl/LWP version, the webpage analyzer features Flash detection, improved CSS background and compression detection, and more. Due to popular demand the analyzer is now available for licensing on intranets. Let us know if you find any bugs, or have any feature requests for our new analyzer.

As broadband users approach 50% we compare them to broadband households, and find household penetration trailing users by over a year. Finally, in this week's Speed Tweak of the Week we survey the webpage optimization tool landscape.

Web Page Analyzer 0.90
Completely rewritten in PHP and cURL, our free page analysis tool now features more accurate results, Flash detection, improved CSS backgrounds, compression detection fixes, and improved performance.
US Broadband Penetration Grows to 48.6% - Broadband Households vs. Broadband Users
US broadband penetration grew by 0.74 points to 48.6% in May. Broadband penetration for US home users should break 50% by July 2004. Meanwhile, broadband penetration in wired US households should break 50% by summer 2005.
Use an Optimization Tool
Web page analysis and optimization tools can quickly help locate and minimize performance bottlenecks. They can also help improve accessibility, spelling, XHTML markup, and even search engine visibility. We survey the webpage optimization tool landscape.