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Book Review: More Eric Meyer on CSS - CSS: Substitute CSS2 Menus

Optimization Week Issue #23, May 3, 2004

This week for a change of pace we review an outstanding new book, More Eric Meyer on CSS. One of the most useful books available to web designers, More cuts through the complexities of CSS to show you step by step how to convert old-style designs into their modern equivalents. Converting to CSS is one of the most effective techniques for speeding up web sites. In this week's Speed Tweak we take Meyer's advice and survey the different ways to substitute lightweight CSS2-based menus.

Book Review: More Eric Meyer on CSS
Eric Meyer's latest book is a collection of ten conversion projects that teach you CSS by example. Converting to CSS can significantly speed up your site.
Substitute CSS2 Menus
Substituting CSS2-styled lists for graphic menus and JavaScript can streamline your pages and make them more accessible.