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Multimedia: Use Image Stabilization - US Broadband Crawls to 43% - Sweden Tops in Internet Penetration

Optimization Week Issue #14, Feb. 24, 2004

In this week's Speed Tweak of the Week we show the benefits of using image stabilization. Gyros are seemingly everywhere, you shake one way, they shake the other. In this month's Bandwidth Report, the US saw slow growth in broadband penetration in January, while Sweden leads all countries worldwide in Internet penetration.

Use Image Stabilization
Gyroscopes are steadily creeping into more consumer-level cameras and binoculars. Gyro stabilization lets you create sharper and smaller photos and video destined for the Web.
February 2004 Bandwidth Report - US Broadband Penetration Crawls to 43% in January - Sweden Tops in Internet Penetration
Broadband adoption crept up 0.15% in January to 43% in the US. Sweden leads all countries in Internet penetration at 76.9%.