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Healthcare.gov Performance Review, Mexico Tops in Broadband Growth, Optimize Start Render Time - Optimization Week of October 5, 2013

Optimization Week Issue #129, October 5, 2013

In this issue we've got a few new items for you. First up learn how the Affordable Health Care Act's website healthcare.gov is struggling with website performance. We analyze the site for performance and offer some recommendations. Next learn how to optimize the start render time of your web pages. Finally, in our latest broadband survey see how Mexico tops the world in broadband growth.

Healthcare.gov Performance Review
We diagnose the website performance issues of the healthcare.gov site, and offer some solutions to improve the patient's health. A brief analysis shows a number of issues that could be addressed to improve the user experience.
Mexico Tops in Broadband Growth
Mexico was tops in broadband penetration growth in a recent survey. Switzerland topped all countries in broadband penetration with 43.4% penetration per 100 inhabitants. Meanwhile the US remained stuck in 15th place in broadband penetration, relying mainly on cable subscribers while the top countries had 57.3% DSL subscribers.
Optimize Start Render Time
HCI guidelines say load useful content within 1-2 seconds, do your pages measure up? Learn how to optimize the start render time of your web pages to speed up useful content display.