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JPEGmini Graphics Optimization Service Reviewed, US Broadband Penetration Drops to 27th Place Worldwide, New Website Optimization Book Coming - Optimization Week of September 9, 2011

Optimization Week Issue #123, September 9, 2011

This time we've got three new items for you. First up, we review a new online graphics optimization service, JPEGmini. This innovative new service shrinks down JPEG images to 1/5 or even 1/6 of their original size, with no change in appearance. We test drive the new service. Next up the US has dropped a couple places in broadband penetration over the past year, according to a recent survey. Finally there is a new Website Optimization book on the horizon from Wiley.

JPEGmini: More Efficient Image Compression
JPEGmini is JPEG optimization software that reduces the size of photographs by up to 5 or 6 times, while maintaining their visual quality. WSO tests the free service and interviews the CTO of ICTV.
US Broadband Penetration Drops to 27th Place Worldwide
The United States dropped two places in broadband penetration rankings in just over a year, according to a survey by Point Topic. Serbia leads the world with an annual broadband growth rate of 68%.
Website Optimization: An Hour a Day (upcoming book)
Rich Page has announced that he will be writing a new book for Wiley titled, Website Optimization: An Hour a Day. The book is due out this spring at the earliest, and is based on an expanded version of a new eBook he wrote. Rich says the new book will be about 300 pages in length.