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Average Web Video Triples Since 2003, Velocity 2011 Highlights - Pagespeed Online - Broadband News - Optimization Week of August 15, 2011

Optimization Week Issue #122, August 15, 2011

We're back from a summer hiatus. This time we've got a bunch of new items for you. With 4G wireless, Comcast cramming more bits into our pipes, web pages are inexorably growing. These changes in bandwidth, latency, and web page complexity all affect website performance. To help quantify these changes, we track the growth of the average web page, as well as bandwidth. To wit: the file size of the average web video has more than tripled since 2003, and the size of the average web page septupled during the same time period.

We've got highlights from the 2011 Velocity Performance Conference held in Santa Clara California. In broadband news higher GDP means higher broadband penetration, and Apple is closing the gap with Microsoft in streaming media player share. In WSO news we are working on a new version of the Web Page Analyzer, and we've got another new tool in the works. Some new tools Lightningpacker.net a Minifier and content host and Loads.in a tool to test how fast your web page loads from over 50 locations.

Average Web Video Size Triples Since 2003
The size of the average web video has more than tripled since 2003. We survey the video landscape to show that the size, duration, quality, and usage of the mean web video has grown significantly over time. August 2011.
The Benefits of Broadband
A recent report on the spread of broadband throughout the world quantified the many benefits of broadband. The report found that broadband investment has a multiplier effect on increased GDP growth, productivity, and jobs. June 2011 Bandwidth Report.
Velocity 2011 Web Performance Conference
Highlights from the 2011 installment of O'Reilly's Velocity web performance conference, held in Santa Clara, CA in June. The author sums up the tools and tips from the conference as well as a book signing. June 2011.
Average Web Page Size Septuples Since 2003
Within the last eight years, the size of the average web page has more than septupled, and the number of external objects has more than tripled. While broadband users have experienced somewhat faster response times, dial-up users have been left behind. May 31, 2011.
FCC Broadband Report: Higher GDP = Higher Broadband Adoption
The FCC's annual broadband report found a strong correlation between broadband adoption and income. Surprisingly, they did not find a correlation between broadband adoption and education. May 2011 Bandwidth Report.
Page Speed Online
The online version of Google's Page Speed browser extension features a new mobile web page analysis mode. April 30, 2011.
Apple iTunes Penetration Closing Gap with Microsoft
Apple is closing the gap with Microsoft in streaming media player share. By sometime late 2011 or 2012 Apple should pass Microsoft in streaming media player users. April 2011 Bandwidth Report.