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Serving 2012 Olympic Tickets - The HTTP Archive - 2 Billion on Net - Optimization Week of March 31, 2011

Optimization Week Issue #121, March 31, 2011

This time we've got three new items for you, two articles and one new performance site. First up we review the performance of two 2012 Olympic websites. With over 6 million tickets for sale, can these sites keep pace with the high demand? Steve Souders has launched a new performance data repository not unlike the Internet Archive called the HTTP Archive. Finally there are over 2 billion people now on the Internet worldwide.

SPEED TWEAK: Serving 2012 Olympic Tickets: Long2012 15, CoSport 0
The race is on to get tickets to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. Are the web sites handing the traffic as fast as the athletes they promote?
NET NEWS: The HTTP Archive Launches
The HTTP Archive is a permanent repository of web performance information, including page size, composition, and download speed. Created by Steve Souders, the HTTP Archive allows researchers to track the evolution of top websites (currently 17,000+ culled from various sources) over time. Performance researchers can track the average page size, requests, load times, and other data over time.
BANDWIDTH REPORT: Over 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide
More than 2 billion people use the Internet worldwide, according to a recent survey. Europe leads the world in fixed broadband adoption with 54% more penetration than the Americas.