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European Mobile Broadband Penetration Nearly Twice the Americas - Speed Optimizing Google Analytics - Optimization Week of March 15, 2011

Optimization Week Issue #120, March 15, 2011

This time we've got two new items for you. First up, we survey the wireless broadband landscape and find Europe well ahead of the Americas. Next learn how to speed up the performance of your site when using Google Analytics.

BANDWIDTH REPORT: European Mobile Broadband Penetration Nearly Twice the Americas
Europe leads the world in mobile broadband penetration with nearly twice the adoption rate of the Americas. The Commonwealth of Independent States leads the world in cellular adoption with over 130% penetration.
SPEED TWEAK: Speed Optimizing Google Analytics
Learn how to speed up web pages that use Google Analytics with a few simple changes, while maintaining its advantages for faster- loading sites. We improve start render times by 13% by moving external JavaScript to from the head to the end of the body, and localizing the file.