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ETags Revisited - ZIP Code Optimization - Mobile Multivariate Testing - Optimization Week of Feb. 2, 2011

Optimization Week Issue #119, Feb. 2, 2011

This time we've got few new items for you. First up we take a closer look at configuring ETags for higher performance, and show some examples. Next, new in this newsletter a SEO tip for those SEO practioners out there. Finally, some Net News on a new mobile multivariate testing solution.

ETags Revisited
Learn how to configure or eliminate ETags to improve website performance. We show how ETags are put together, and how to configure them for higher performance on multi-server sites. We also cite a report that tested the optimal configuration of cache settings on servers using actual websites.
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SEO TIP: ZIP Code Optimization
WSO also does some SEO for clients, and lately we've noticed more and more people searching on ZIP codes as a shortcut for geographic searches. Searches like this:

western ann arbor mi profession

can become something like

48103 profession

This isn't perfect of course, you'd need to target more ZIP codes for larger cities, but it is a quick shortcut for searchers and SEO optimizers.

NET NEWS: SiteSpect AMPS Mobile Multivariate Testing
Had an interesting conversation with Eric Hansen, the CEO of SiteSpect, Inc. out of Boston, MA. SiteSpect has developed a non-intrusive multivariate testing product that doesn't require any coding changes to websites, but uses a reverse proxy server instead. Mobile devices typically don't fully support JavaScript, so SiteSpect's proxy server approach allows MVT of mobile applications, a first they claim.

SiteSpect has incorporated Steve Souders' (High Performance Web Sites, Even Faster Web Sites, O'Reilly) best practice performance rules into its software and hardware, allowing marketers to optimize conversion rates by varying content and developers to optimize performance, and both camps to combine marketing and performance metrics to optimize the user experience.

SiteSpect Pioneers Mobile Web Performance Optimization Multivariate Testing