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A Web Performance Audit? - Apple to Pass Microsoft in Streaming Media, Two-Thirds of Americans on Broadband - Optimization Week of October 8, 2010

Optimization Week Issue #116, October 8, 2010

This time we've got three new items for you. First up, we show what to expect when you order a web performance audit. We show some common problems and give some examples of parts of the analysis to expect. In streaming media news, Apple is poised to pass Microsoft the streaming media player share by early 2011, if current growth rates continue. In other broadband news, two-thirds of Americans are now on broadband, but the growth of broadband uptake is slowing in the US.

SPEED TWEAK: What to Expect from a Web Performance Audit
Google's new search rank measure, site speed, is one more reason to make sure your pages fly. For faster websites and higher rankings, many companies turn to a performance analysis. Find out what to look for in a web performance audit.
BANDWIDTH REPORT: Apple to Pass Microsoft in Streaming Media Players by Early 2011
Apple is poised to pass Microsoft in the streaming media player market. Combining iTunes and QuickTime Apple narrowed the gap with Microsoft to 7.6 percentage points in August 2010. At current growth rates, Apple should pass Microsoft in streaming media player usage by early 2011.
BANDWIDTH REPORT: Two-Thirds of Americans on Broadband
While two-thirds of adult Americans now use broadband, the spread of broadband in the US has slowed dramatically over the past year. African-Americans are the major exception with 22% year-over-year growth.