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Average Web Page Quintuples - Interview with Andy King by Strangeloop - CBC Spark - Velocity 2010 Web Performance Conference - US Broadband 15th Worldwide - Optimization Week of September 14, 2010

Optimization Week Issue #115, September 14, 2010

After a summer hiatus, Optimization Week is back. Here's what has happened since our last report. The size of the average web page keeps on growing, we've got the latest data from a recent survey. We attended the 2010 Velocity conference in Santa Clara, California, and we've got highlights. Joshua Bixby of Strangeloop Networks gave a talk at the conference, and has interviewed Andy King about performance audits. On the way back from the cottage, we heard a great radio show for techies called CBC Spark. Finally, stay tuned for something is brewing in the mobile web performance world.

Average Web Page Size Quintuples Since 2003
Within the last six years, the size of the average web page has more than quintupled, and the number of external objects has more than doubled. While broadband users have experienced somewhat faster response times, dial-up users have been left behind. Note that this is for top 500 and 1000 web page data. Uri Holtz of Google reported at the Velocity 2010 conference that the average web page as indexed by Google is 320K with 44 requests and 7 DNS lookups.
Andrew King Interviewed by Joshua Bixby of Strangeloop Networks
Joshua Bixby interviewed Andrew King about the web performance industry. Learn what to look for in a performance consultant and what to expect in an audit.
CBC Radio's Spark
Heard a great radio program on the way back from Canada. CBC radio's Spark. The September 12 show topics included the "Ground Zero Mosque" and SEO, how early bloggers and Google frame phrases to become self-fulfilling. Big Books talked about how recent books have grown much larger than the 300 pages we've become used to. NeighborGoods, a website devoted to helping neighbors borrow and lend household items to save money and the planet. Finally the Microvolunteering piece was about splitting big tasks into smaller discrete tasks of minutes apiece. This allows busy people to "micro-volunteer" online to solve big problems (like locating Haiti survivors from photographs). A podcast is available.
Velocity 2010 Web Performance Conference
Highlights from the Velocity 2010 conference on web performance. This sold-out event explored the latest technique for fast websites, and is a must-see for performance engineers. The conference was well worth it, I recommend this conference for performance engineers.
US Stays at 15th Place in Broadband Penetration Worldwide
The US remained at 15th place in broadband penetration worldwide, according to a recent survey. Despite leading the world in broadband subscribers, the US is in 11th place in fiber penetration and 22nd place in broadband speed overall.