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Usability Study: Men Need Speed - Study: Web Users Prefer Speed Over Customization - Optimization Week of April 28, 2009

Optimization Week Issue #107, April 28, 2009

In this special user psychology issue we've got two new usability studies for you. First up a recent study of web criteria found that men like it fast, and women like their easy navigation. Behind ease of use, men seem to prefer fast downloads, while the second-most important web usability criteria for women is easy navigation. In another HCI study, most web users prefer speedy interfaces to customization. Customization and personalization were found to be the least important factors in both of these studies.

Usability Study: Men Need Speed
In a recent usability survey, researchers from Southern Illinois University found that after ease of use, men prefer fast download speed to easy navigation. Women prefer ease of use, easy navigation, and accessibility. The researchers hypothesize that these different usability criteria are due to differences in how men and women use the Web.
Study: Web Users Prefer Speed Over Customization
The most important interface design factor is speed, according to a new HCI study. Good interface design is essential for widespread user adoption and ultimately website success.