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Apple Streaming Media Players Target Microsoft - UK Broadband Penetration Breaks 95% - Optimization Week of March 16, 2009

Optimization Week Issue #106, March 16, 2009

In this issue we've got two new stories for you. First, our latest streaming media survey shows Apple gaining ground on Microsoft in player popularity. Apple's iTunes player is fueling the growth of Apple's rise in market share. Across the pond, the UK now has over 95% of users on broadband connections, according to the Office for National Statistics. Back in the US, broadband growth has slowed with 59% of households on broadband.

Apple Streaming Media Players Target Microsoft - European Broadband Grows 20% to 110.5 Million Connections - US Broadband Growth Slows to 59% Penetration
The popularity of Apple's iTunes and QuickTime players has grown from 32% to 36.4% over the past year, while Microsoft's Windows Media Player has remained unchanged at 50.7% share. Broadband lines grew by 20% in Europe over the past year, while growth slowed in the US to 59% broadband penetration.
UK Broadband Penetration Breaks 95% - US Broadband Penetration Grows to 93.4% among Active Internet Users
Broadband penetration in the UK has gone so high that the Office for National Statistics has discontinued its quarterly reporting of broadband growth. Nearly 60% of broadband users in the UK enjoy speeds of 2Mbps or higher.