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Press about Optimization Week

Here are the latest buzz about Optimization Week.


Web site critic says it's all about speed, accessibility
"Andy King's name is enough to strike terror into the heart of the toughest corporate IT executive. Just as restaurant, movie and theater reviewers often influence the reputation and impact of the things they critique, King wields a big club in his chosen field. He's a Web site critic." Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press, Dec. 1, 2003.
Sluggish sites still dominate Web world
"Andy King's business is making Web sites work better - faster, easier to navigate, less frustrating to use. The Ann Arbor entrepreneur recently analyzed Web sites run by candidates in the 2004 presidential race, and he found some surprises. 'I knew they'd be overweight' King says, referring to the size of the files, which makes downloading sluggish. 'But I didn't think they'd be that fat.'" Mary Morgan, Ann Arbor News, 30 November 2003.
Point and Click Radio
Picks up the presidential homepage review. Nov. 2003
Issue #4 is out
Featuring Epicurious.com Needs Wait Loss Recipe, JavaScript: Delay Loading, and November Bandwidth Report - US Broadband Penetration at 40.9%, Broadband Use Tracks Household Income. Nov. 26, 2003.
Issue #3 is out
Featuring Big Three Automakers in Online Slow Lane plus Group Declarations. Nov. 19, 2003
Picks up our presidential homepage review. Nov. 13, 2003.
Issue #2 is out
Featuring Presidential Homepages Violate Speed and Accessibility Guidelines plus Group Selectors in CSS. Nov. 12, 2003
Issue #1 is out
Our first issue features Home Depot Needs Home Page Improvement and Use Shorthand Properties in CSS. Nov. 4, 2003.


Web Talk Guys
Interview Andy King on the presidential candidates' homepages. Nov. 15, 2003
Web Talk Guys
Interview Andy King on the future of broadband and the importance of fast-loading pages